Came in with some heavy duty pain and ailments.

I met this wonderful practitioner after my daughter (Nicole) referred me. Actually , I was a sceptic of chiropractors and didn’t know if they were “Real Doctors”. Nicole lauded to Dr. Jennifer Carauddo’s office.

Dr. Jen gave me a free assessment. She didn’t pressure me in any way, ( I appreciated that). I allowed her to design an adjustment and payment schedule I could follow and afford.

I came to Dr. Jen with some heavy duty pain and ailments. I kid you not, my body changed within four weeks of treatment. The intense pain in my neck, shoulder, and back subsided. Dr. Jen has done adjustments on my wrist (for carpal tunnel pain), my feet (plantar facitis), my hip (authritis), my knee (torn meniscus), and my shoulder (torn rotator cuff).

It’s great not needing pain killers. Go see her, I know you won’t be disappointed with Dr. Jen’s “healing touch”.

Beverly S - Bus Driver

Dr. Jen is Awesome!

Dr. Jen is awesome and her technique is very gentle. I have been a patient of hers for over 4 years now and she has helped me tremendously.

I have a very physical job that requires me to use my body and can sometimes fatigue my muscles. Recently Dr. Jennifer has been rehabbing my right shoulder back to health through muscle work and chiropractic adjustments. It has been 2 and half weeks and I now have twice as much move in my shoulder and almost no pain.

No matter if you have joint pain, suffer from headaches or allergies, or just are interested in chiropractic care Dr. Jennifer is one in a million.

Kitta M

Rheumatoid Arthritis Success Story.

When I came in to see Dr. Jen I was on some heavy duty medications. The side effects were pretty bad. I was getting more migraines, had gained weight, and I could not sleep. She was able to zero in on the things (lifestyle choices) that I needed to change.
My whole body felt better. In July 2014, I was celebrating my birthday and decided to go off my medications (with the advisement of my medical doctor) and I began to feel much better!
Before I began to see Dr. Jennifer; I suffered from migraines, was over weight, and was taking some serious medications for rheumatoid arthritis. Through her patience and her chiropractic care, now I have now not only lost weight, but I am sleeping better, my migraines and my arthritis pain are under control. I am no longer on any medications.
About 4 weeks ago, Dr. Jen started working on my cranial bones. I do not know what she did but after she worked on me my vision was more crisp, the ringing in my ears was gone, I do not have headaches anymore, I have more energy, and I am not as swollen anymore.
She has taught how to eat, to exercise and to get adjusted regularly to optimize the health of my nervous system. 

Maria A

Josue’s story.

I came to Dr. Jennifer because I was experiencing lower back pain that radiated to my right leg, it felt like a pinched nerve. I couldn’t walk with out pain, any lifting, bending, walking or sitting for prolong periods of time would make it worse. She asked me about my health history and if I had had any prior injuries. I told her that as a kid I was struck by a car. That is where most of my symptoms originated from.
After a few weeks of coming in for care I definitely started feeling a lot of improvement. The adjustments have alleviated my lower back pain as well as my neck and upper back, something that I also had been having problems with. I had constant headaches, so she advised me to drink more water, taking supplements, stress less and exercising more. I feel much better health wise. Dr. Jennifer is very knowledgeable in her field. I highly recommend her, she has helped me tremendously.

Josue M

Dr. Jen is a really great chiropractor!

Dr. Jen is really a great chiropractor! I have been a regular patient of hers for nearly 5 years. She has helped me through some serious issues with my back and neck and got me to the point where I am sustainable and feel so much better! Her technique is gentle, and relevant to the specific area of issue. I like that her approach involves a great deal of listening. I have come to learn from her the factors such as: exercise, diet, and work stress which all have effects on the health of the spine and nerve system.
I also like that Dr. Jen’s practice includes children and teens. Particularly since our children have exposure to repetitive stress injuries and neck strains due to their frequent use of cell phones,i pads, laptops ,etc. Early awareness and gentle intervention has helped our family’s youngsters maintain any issues and engage wit stretching and other techniques recommended to help strengthen between visits.
I am extremely grateful to have found Dr. Jen!

Michelle M

A Babies Transformational Story!

Our daughter Cameron Rae Corey spent her first 9 days of life in the NICU after an emergency C-section caused her to be born premature. For the first 4 months Cameron was very fussy, she didn’t eat well and could barely sleep more than an hour without waking up crying. We tried everything imaginable to keep her happy. Finally, after some thought we decided to take her to go see Dr. Jen after a great reference to her work. Within less than a week of seeing Dr. Jen our daughter went from being fussy and sad all the time to being the happiest most vibrant baby around. Dr. Jen is so gentle and loving with her and as parents we have complete trust in her with our daughter. Cameron is now 7 months old and has been seeing Dr. Jen weekly for the past 3 months. She sleeps great now, eats a ton and is rarely fussy. We owe all of the positive growth we have seen in our daughter to Dr. Jen. Our only regret is not seeking her help earlier!

Cameron Corey